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franz requests

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June 12th, 2008

10:19 pm
Does anyone have any MP3's of Michael where it's being played live and Alex replaces 'come and dance with me' with 'come all over me'? I thought I had one, but when I listened to it, it wasn't the right one.

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March 16th, 2008

04:06 pm
Hey! I hope this community isn't dead yet)))

I've been looking for Jeremy Fraser tabs for years - not intro, not chords, but guitar solo in the middle (starts about 2.20). I hope someone has it - or has ears good enough to help such music idiot as me =)

Thanx in advance!

PS Does anyone know when the new album's gonna be released?

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February 10th, 2008

11:08 am

I was just wondering if anyone has any headers for layouts that I could use. Preferably of Alex and Nick in one of their very slashy moments. I've been trying to find some, but have had no luck so far.

I was also wondering if anyone has Swallow, Smile and/or any live versions of Michael in MP3 format. I'd be so grateful. Thanks.


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January 16th, 2008

03:30 pm - Franz shirt?
I've seen icons, but I'm wondering... Does a "paul&alex&bob&nick" (or some variant thereof) shirt exist? And if so, how might I go about getting one? I've coveted it for a while but have only now just realized I don't have the foggiest idea where to find one...

Many thanks.
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November 8th, 2007

09:46 pm
Does anyone know who the author is to a fic. called Imperfect Diary? Thanks.

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October 21st, 2007

11:46 pm - Alex wallpapers.
 I've been looking around...and couldn't find any.  Anyone wanna direct me to any good ones?  :D
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June 10th, 2007

09:32 pm

I was wondering if anyone could help me find a story that was posted on slacken_ties quite a while ago.

I can only remember bits of it vaguely, and I don't remember the author, but I hope someone'll know which one I'm on about; it was a first meeting for Alex and Nick where they were in a bar, I think, and Alex wasn't particularly keen on Nick at first. It was quite long (I think) and it was a one-shot and it featured a sentence similar to this one: "...I didn't know how I was intending to finish that sentence, but I certainly didn't intend to punctuate it with someone else's tongue in my mouth."

Hopefully, one of you'll know which one I'm talking about. I'd be so grateful.



(P.S Does anyone have the little snippet of interview where Alex says something and then Nick says, "I like your hair." I think it was before Alex grew his fringe back and he said something about it, then Nick said that. The person who posted it only posted those two quotes, not the whole interview, so if anyone knows what I'm on about, I'd appreciate any help!)

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December 8th, 2006

03:45 pm
So i know there are the videos from the aragon ballroom in chicago franz preformance and i was wondering if anyone had those in quicktime format or in a format compatabile with the iPOD?

also any audio from that concert would be greaty appreaciated!

Thanks in advance!

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December 7th, 2006

10:25 pm - Any takers?
I was wondering if any of you icon whizzes out there would be interested in making icons for me out of any of the following photos:

Maybe something about knob twisting in the text?

"It's all wrong now" or something like that..

I would appreciate any help I can get. Also if anyone out there knows of any pre-existing icons featuring Parker (the sound engineer) let me know.
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Current Music: Franz Ferdinand of course

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September 24th, 2006

05:05 pm - do you want to
Hi, does anyone know where I can find that performance of Alex shouting, "DO! YOU! WANT! TOOO!" right before the band starts playing the song? I believe he was jumping as well. Is it available on Youtube or something? I saw a small clip of that in another video but I would like to know where I find the full performance.

Thanks very much!!!

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